James Fuentes.jpg

James Fuentes


55 Delancey Street
New York, NY  10002

As one of the first Galleries to populate the Lower East Side and the first one to open on Delancey Street, James Fuentes Gallery was at the forefront of a wave of Artists and Dealers who put the neighborhood on the map as New York City’s newest, and arguably most dynamic, Art District. Like many of the dealers who’ve migrated downtown, Fuentes has used the opportunity to grow emerging and under-appreciated Artists who Fuentes describes as those who would create work regardless of the market. Amalia Ulman, painter Benjamin Senior, and art-rock-band members Lizzi Bougatsos and Brian Degraw are a few of the young artists represented by the gallery. Alison Knowles, Jonas Mekas, and Richard Nonas are a few of the renowned older Artists Fuentes reintroduced to the New York Art World.

John McAllister